Knee-High Cream Ale

knee high cream ale Canned Beer

Cream Ale-5%- Light, Smooth, Approachable, “Intro to Craft Beer”

Drive down nearly any stretch of road in Door County and you are sure to see either a farmer’s field or an orchard. Agriculture has been a part of Door County life for generations. Corn, soybean, sunflowers, berries of all kinds and of course apples and cherries have all managed to take root in the rocky soil of Door County. “Knee-High by the Fourth of July” is a common saying for corn farmers in the Midwest and serves as a way to measure corn’s growth and compare it to previous years. Our Knee-High Cream Ale highlights the subtle sweetness of corn, in a crisp, easy-drinking beer – sure to be a favorite of all who crack one open.

1851 Zwickelager

1851 zwickel Lager Canned Beer

(European-style) Lager- 5.25% – Clean, Balanced, Full Bodied

Archaeological evidence suggests that the Door Peninsula has been home to human inhabitants as far back as 10,000 BC. More recently the peninsula has seen numerous Native American tribes, French explorers, fur traders, loggers, farmers and others. However, it was not until 1851 that Door County had enough permanent settlers to become a county all its own. So, we pay homage and say cheers to our past and to our county with this old-world libation – our Zwickel Lager, aptly dubbed 1851.


escarpment citra pale ale Canned Beer

Citra Pale Ale- 5.2%- #1 Selling Beer, Crisp, Bright, Grapefruit Finish

The Niagara Escarpment is a nearly 1000-mile-long slab of ancient dolomitic limestone that rests not so far below the soils of Door County. This extremely unique landform is home to over 240 distinctly rare, threatened or endangered plant and animal species. The Niagara Escarpment has challenged farmers, sunken ships, aided in Door County industry, affects our climate and offers unrivaled beauty to all of us in Door County. Our Escarpment Citra Pale Ale is brewed to be as bold, unique and beautiful as its namesake.

Roofed Goat Red

roofed goat red american red ale Canned Beer

American Red Ale- 5.5% – Crisp Body, Medium Maltiness, Just Enough Hops

There certainly is no shortage of things to do, places to see and wonderful food to eat in Door County. One special place located in the heart of sister Bay allows visitors to do all three. Al Johnson’s Swedish Restaurant and Butik is a Door County icon. With its unmistakable Scandinavian exterior and fantastic food featuring Swedish pancakes with Lingonberries and Swedish meatballs, Al’s is a must stop. Esthetics and food aside, probably the most unique thing about Al Johnson’s is the goats. Just about any day during the summer months, visitors can see a handful of goats atop the building munching and napping on the grass roof. Our Roofed Goat Red pays homage to the iconic sight. With its malty backbone and smooth drinkability, it is the perfect beer for whatever you have going on…especially goat watching.

Harbors & Bays

Harbor and Bays India Pale Ale Canned Beer

IPA- 6% – Balanced Hop and Malt Profile, Crisp, Easy Drinking

Heading up one side of Door County and back down the other, your eyes are treated to many natural wonders. The shoreline that surrounds our county is dotted with numerous natural harbors and bays that host marinas, rocky and sandy beaches and quaint towns. Eight of those towns are home to an amateur baseball league team making up the Door County Baseball League. This league has a rich history dating back to 1878. Each Sunday beginning on Mother’s Day games are played around the county, with all games beginning at 1:30p.m. The stands are typically filled with locals, all there to cheer on their family members and friends. Our Harbors and Bays IPA is the perfect beer for enjoying time near the water or for staying refreshed while watching our boys of summer play ball. Cheers!

Stubborn Sturgeon

stubborn sturgeon hazy india pale ale canned beer

Hazy IPA- 7% – Juicy, Fruity Aromas, Low To Medium Bitterness

Lake Michigan, the large body of water butting up to the Eastern side of Door County is a fisherman’s paradise, featuring the likes of several species of Salmon, Trout and Whitefish. Fishermen and women come from all over the country to fish the crystal-clear waters of Lake Michigan and spend time in beautiful Door County. One species of fish that was once quite plentiful in these waters lurked deeper and were more elusive than most…the Acipenser fulvescens otherwise known as the Lake Sturgeon. Time has not been kind to this monster of the deep and its population has declined. However, they are still here feeding on things that call the lake floor their home. Our Stubborn Sturgeon is a nod to this unique species of fish that has stubbornly avoided extinction and continues to lurk, albeit in smaller numbers, in our beautiful waters.